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Alife from 2001.11.10.
Sailing boat "Blue Bird"
There are plenty of descriptions on the pictures. Just surf with the pointer.
First edition, 2003, 1'500 pcs. If you wonder to know more about text-book in Sailing, please click right mouse button.
The story from 2005 about Baltic crossing alone in 1993
Second edition in 2005, 1'000 pcs.
A.Dovydenas' Pleasure Sailing School is coaching Coastal and Offshore Skippers. New in 2011: Offshore practice in Adriatic & Summer camps with Optimists' for kids.
"Powerboating", Text-book,  Publisher "Verslo Zinios", 2008.05.22. ISBN 978-9955-460, 1500 pcs, 550 pages, 1500 illustrations'.
Kuršių marių jūrlapis, nubraižytas 2008-05-20 ir parduodamas "Watski" parduotuvėje, Pilies uostas, Klaipėda. Curronian Lagoon sea map, based on geodetic survey WGS-84, made by Arturas Dovydenas. Available in Klaipeda, Watski shop, Old Castle harbor.
Second edition in 2005, 1'000 pcs.
Pilot map of river Nemunas. ëlapiø (Nemuno jûrlapiø) atlasas. 12 sheets.
My translation of "Go Sailing", Claudia Myatt, Baltos lankos, 2010, 1'500 egz., ISBN 978-9955-23-377-0
Kaunas Sea Map.
Josua Slocum "Sailing Alone Around the World", ISBN 978-9955-23-446-3, Baltos lankos, 2011, 2'000 pcs.